Thanks for taking a look at my site.  My name is Nate Miller and I'm a knifemaker living in Alaska.  I make hand-made knives with my selection of patterns, steel and materials.  I make custom knives after the customer selects the design, type steel, type of blade grind and selection of handle materials.  I also modify factory blades, kits and recondition or repair existing blades.  For a new knife, prices start at $190.  The more exotic the handle, and the more features on the knife, the higher the price. 

All of my patterns have been field tested on numerous hunts in Alaska as well as the lower 48.  My primary purpose as a knife maker is to make the best working knife available for use on hunts or fishing excursions in Alaska.  Since I have exotic materials available for handles, I also make knives for display.  The blades in these knives are the same quality as my working blades.

The majority of the knives I make are fixed blade working knives.  I prefer to work with ATS 34 stainless steel, but also work with 440C stainless, 154 CM stainless and D2 tool steel.  For a working knife handle, I prefer to use Micarta, G10 or an acrylic, but I have many woods to choose from as well as antler, bone, horn, fossilized ivory and oosick.  I frequently use a bevel grind since it is the strongest of the typical grinds used by knifemakers (flat and hollow grind are the other two types of grinds).  I have a number of patterns that I have developed and field tested prior to offering them for sale.  The knife I make for you can be my pattern or yours.  The selection of materials can be entirely up to you or I will make recommendations based on the purpose of the knife and how you intend to use it.

In addition to this web site, I offer my knives for sale at local gun shows and craft bazaars.  The majority of these bazaars are in the 2-3 months prior to Christmas.  Whenever I travel in Alaska, I always carry a selection of knives with me.

About the maker:

I was born and reared in a small town in Mississippi.  From age 9 or 10, I hunted and fished in and around a 50 mile radius from home.  While a kid, I was into Scouting and learned field craft and the use of edged tools and worked my way through the ranks to Eagle Scout.  I attended and graduated from Mississippi State University.  I spent two summers working as a fire fighter for the US Forest Service in Wyoming.  While in college, I spent several semesters working part time as a gunsmith and learned many of the skills that would help me to become a knife maker.  The precision required in gunsmithing for both metal and wood projects has had a direct carry over to my knife-making.

After graduation, I spent twenty eight plus years in the Army, primarily as an Infantryman with assignments as a rifle platoon leader, rifle company commander, headquarters company commander, operation and training officer, personnel officer, battalion executive officer, brigade executive officer, deputy chief of staff for a division, battalion commander, inspector general and post commander.  During this time, I had the opportunity to hunt and fish in a wide variety of places around the world, to include some of the greatest locations that exist for bass, turkey, white tail deer, mule deer, antelop and elk.   I also spent a lot of time on Army assignments in jungle, arctic and forest enviornments, perfecting field craft skills and learning a lot about knives and other cutting equipment-especially those that did not work well.  When assigned to Alaska late in my military career, a childhood dream was fullfilled: to hunt and fish in the wilds of Alaska.  I soon discovered the prime difference in hunting in Alaska and the lower 48 is that the animals are definitely larger and are usually found in a remote location and rather than a day hunt, one usually goes on a week or more excursion. 

Because of the size and location of Alaska's game, the hunter has to be able to butcher the animal where it falls rather than field dress the animal, drag it to his truck and bring it home to be processed.  I discovered that big game required more than one knife to do a first-class job of field butchering.  I also found that most knives did not hold an edge while doing this task and the majority of the knives on the market didn't fit my size two extra large hands.  This brought me into the world of knifemaking.  I learned the basics of making knives while on my last assignment in the Army and took several lessons from a local knife maker.   After those lessons,  I began acquiring the equipment necessary and began making knives in my spare time.  I worked as a part time maker for 11 years, selling my first knife in 1990.  Since moving back to Alaska, I have taken several courses on knife making from our local community college to expand my knowledge.  I have been a full time maker since 2002

Knives on hand change frequently.  Please contact me to make sure the knife you are looking at is still available.  If it is not available, I can usually make another in 4 to 6 months.

CONTACT , or 1075 Old Steese Hy N, Fairbanks, AK 99712, or 907-479-4774, or .  Please put the word Knife in your subject line on an email.  PAYMENT: can be made through cashiers check, personal check or money order.  Shipping will be per your instructions.